Monday, 5 September 2011

Never Meet Your Heroes

This is one of our newer songs that we've just recorded for the second EP. I'm really pleased with it. It's got all the stuff I like. A building drum intro,  fast pace, a bit of football terrace in the chorus and has a short (and rather good) bass break. Musically I'm really pleased with our playing on this. The energy is really captured well.

As for the words.....

The title was suggested by my old school mate and drinking partner Peter. It's a phrase he's often said to me so it seemed rude not to use it.
The middle verse was allegedly inspired by reading about one of Mel Gibson's plot losing moments. The other two verses? Well they're about people I've met. But we'd better leave it at that.
I well remember being deep in conversation with somebody reasonably famous and then noticed them scanning the room behind me and cutting me dead mid sentence and walking off when they spotted another celeb to talk to. Sam came up with the lines 'Who's that over there. See me disappear' when I told him.
For non Londoners and people who haven't seen Mary Poppins or Only Fools and Horses, the 'Rock and Roll' is the dole (unemployment benefit). I hope that's clear?